About the Old city gallery in Caesarea

The gallery, at first was founded by the famous Israeli sculpture Leon Bronstein in 1980.

In the past few years, the gallery managed by Katz family, mother and daughter.
The gallery has participated in more than 100 international exhibitions all over the globe, representing Modern and Contemporary Israeli Art.
We are proud to be the owners of authentic Israeli original handmade artworks of the most famous Israeli artists of all time.
The gallery represents only Israeli famous artists such as Asia Katz, Leon Bronstein, Michael Hazin, Leo Rey and a few more.


About the Old city gallery in Tzefat

The gallery in Tzefat was founded in 1991 by Asia Katz, to this day, Asia manage the Gallery in Tzefat.
In this gallery you can find many original works by Asia Katz. Time to time you will find Asia here self, painting in the gallery – amazing attraction!


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